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According to the ancient mystics, to regulate the breath is to regulate our life. Understanding that we are never truly in control, yet we have the ability to harmonise our reaction to specific situations by using breath as a tool to return our system back to balance.

This series of Breath Immersions gives us clarity and awareness of what and how to be with each experience through the awareness of breath in different situations. So during these Immersions we will experience how energy flows through us as breath awareness and how it keeps us be clear and calm in the most stressful situations.

Breath as Meditation
Fri 23.09, 19:00-21:30

As the pathway towards Meditation, Breath is the guide for Mind. It is the pilot that navigates us through the currents of thought and reaction that arise. In this Immersion we learn the techniques which Yogi’s and Buddhists have used for eons to soothe the Mind in order for us to move towards our Meditation practice.

Breath In Movement
Sat 24.09, 14:00-16:30

Vinyasa is all about learning to regulate the flow of energy with movement and breath, yet in all physical activities from sports to work and more we can learn to give the body the oxygen and energy flow it needs before it moves towards stress. These are the same techniques adopted by ultra marathon runners, to free divers and more. In this Immersion we will use Vinyasa as the guide to learn how to pre-empt what the body will need, rather than wait until it struggles and try to catch up.

Breath as Therapy
Sat 24.09, 18:00-20:30

One of Geoff’s specialties is the Therapeutic use of Yoga to aid in healing Mental, Physical and Emotional imbalances. The one tool that is constant throughout this process is Breath. In this Immersion Geoff will share these awarenesses as an all important introduction and then guide you through a combination of techniques which he has been teaching for a number of years as “BREATH OF AWAKENING” which has been specifically blended from ancient techniques in a way that eliminates stress as it arises to give us clarity and responsiveness; rather than the habitual patterns of reactivity and stress.


Geoff EN

Language: englisch
Date: 23. – 24.9.2022
Time: see description
Price: 75.- per session / 200.- for the bundle

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