Yoga with Geoff


About Geoff

From his current place of residence in Bali and Byron Bay Australia, Geoff Brooks proudly comes to Yoga Vibe Sofia. Geoff is a complete Yoga teacher, who has practiced and taught many forms of traditional and modern yoga. His passion and his personal practice is founded within the Hatha system and Vijnana Bhairava Tantra if which he offers teachings, classes and workshops worldwide. Over the course of this weekend Geoff will shine the light on the absolute essentials of the practice and how these create the template for all styles of Yoga.

Geoff has been practicing for over 30 years and taught almost 10,000 hours over a period of about 13 years. His most common expression and question he receives is “I’ve learnt so much in one class. Where can I learn more?“

The Chakra Series

NOW is the time to take the steps of action toward renewal, restoration and self clarity.

In order to assist you in this time of transition I’ll be presenting a Chakra Immersion.
Specifically it will be presented as individual Pre-recorded sessions as they relate to a specific element and how this relates to our daily existence;

EARTH Muladhara Chakra I AM (our physical existence)
WATER Svadisthana Chakra I FEEL (our emotions and intimacy)
FIRE Manipura Chakra I DO (our actions)
AIR Anahata Chakra I AM CLEAR (clarity and compassion)
ETHER Vissudha Chakra I EXPRESS (our ability to communicate)

When we have the connection with each Chakra we can approach each situation with self confidence, emotional awareness, well intended actions, clarity and the ability to communicate it all.

Each session will focus on a particular chakra, how it relates to our everyday being and towards the end we’ll integrate them into a platform for self check-in for different situations and scenarios.

Teacher: Geoff Brooks (EN)
Datum: every Saturday
Time:  10:00 – 11:30
Price: 20.- / Abo