21. März 2020


happy hormones basic class
with Anne & Eden

Our hormones drive every function in our body. When something is out of whack our body will let us know. Learning how to identify imbalances and to have the tools to decode gives us major power over the state of our well-being. Once you understand your hormones you can seek out the right kind of help and reach out for better health.

feeling bloated / poor digestion / mood swings / weight gain / heavy, painful periods / hard time losing weight / emotionally fragile / acne / PMS / bad
memory / depression / fibroids (Myom) / thinning hair / low libido / headaches or migraines around period / no motivation / burned out / insomnia / tired even after a full night’s sleep / cold hands and feet / salty or sweet food cravings / life is crazy stressful /… Maybe you know that? Let’s find out if your hormones are unhappy…

Start your personal journey, find your balance and learn tools to reset your hormones. We‘ll help you make your hormones happy!

– Questionnaire in advance
– Basic info, learn about your personal type with regard to hormones
– Endocrine Yoga Flow
– Gratitude Meditation
– Extras: tools for daily life (cycle wheel, oils, meditation, personal hand out)

Teachers Anne (E/DE), Eden (E)
Date 21.3.2020
Time 14h00 – 17h00
Price Early bird CHF 90.- / CHF 100.- from 29.2.2019
Register: info@yogaculture.ch, eversports.com
Registration deadline 2 days before
number of participants: at least 6 persons