Learn the healing effects of Sukshma Vyayama

A live stream straight out of Santa Monica with Deborah Braun

as taught by Dr. Levry /powered by Naam

This health practice, which has been kept secret for centuries, is known as the yoga of immortality as it works on the subtle body that gives life and vitality to the physical body. This practice is designed to rid the body of disease, restore the flow of prana and awaken the dormant powers in you. It looks and feels different from other forms of yoga and is a practice that complements every other form of yoga, athletics and fitness modalities. With a consistent practice of Sukshma Vyayama powered by Naam you feel renewed, and you gain an inner strength and power.

In this training you will learn and practice Series I, both the long and the short form, which works on the body, from head to toe, and includes Naam meditation.

The benefits of Sukshma Vyayama include: Improved brain function, Balanced emotions, Increased joy, Harmonized digestion and elimination, Sustained energy flow, Increased metabolism to promote ideal body weight, Reduction of tension in the neck and shoulders, Revitalized muscular and skeletal system, Hormonal balance

The workshop will be recorded and is then available for your daily practice for 2 weeks.

Take part personally at YogaCulture with the happy hormones team or via Zoom

Teacher Deborah Braun (E)
Date 19.&20.9. / 3.&4.10.
Time Saturdays: 16:30-18:30 / Sundays: 16:00-17:30
Price 2 Weekends: 200.- (Zoom Price: 168.-)
1 Weekend: 120.- (Zoom Price: 100.-)
Register: info@yogaculture.ch, eversports.com
Registration deadline 2 days before