This journey is the Yogi’s passion

About Geoff

Geoff is first a Yogi and by doing so, a teacher. As a Yoga practitioner he has studied, practiced and taught Yoga as it is intended – to connect with our inner truth. His studies and teaching have taken him from Sydney to Byron Bay to his current home of Bali and across the world.
As a teacher he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with a style that exudes wisdom, warmth and nurture. He makes the subtle art form of the practice accessible and takes the mystery out of the intention.

Geoff comes to YogaCulture 6 months after breaking his neck while surfing in Bali – meaning that the workshops he teaches embody the techniques and awarenesses that saved him in the immediate moments and his healing process thereafter. Yoga works, Geoff is walking proof of this and he shares this in his teachings.

Workshop Programm

Spirit Breath
Friday 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Energy has no real context – our experiences give it context.
Both, a traumatic experience or a joyous experience are all held in the body’s memory as energy – we activate it through our actions and experiences. We experience this in a connected “Yogic“ way as being the “observer” and respond accordingly, or we can revert to the disconnected fight-flight mechanism that drives reactive behaviour.
This breath journey maintains the integrity of the deepest intentions of the yoga practice: self nurture and moving towards that connection with our true nature.
It is a journey of Pranayama, the energy regulated by our breath. According to Yoga, breathwork is an essential part of the practice and as such it is designed to assist us in maintaining the flow of energy through our mind and body. That, by regulating our Prana, we can disperse Apana (the energy we no longer need, or spent energy) and maintain harmony.
Geoff guides you through four primary Pranayama techniques designed to clear and harmonise the different Vayus (our vital life energies) and the 3 primary Nadi’s (energy pathways). Once done we are ready to “wash” the body with breath – all the while maintaining the connection with the practice and observing when our reactive state wants to distract us from our journey.
Ultimately this is a harmonising and nurturing journey, guided by a long term practitioner and teacher who holds the space and the intention with both authority, wisdom and warmth.

The Hatha Experience
Saturday 2pm – 6pm

This journey is the Yogi’s passion. It is Geoff’s passion. A truly complete practice incorporating the science of yoga with Asana, Pranayama and Meditation, interspersed wisdom and fun. The journey is sensibly paced for all practitioners, while exploring the edges for the experienced yogi and incorporates an element of Satsang – the sharing of truth.
What makes this different is the intelligence with which it is all put together. Geoff is highly regarded as a Master of Yoga both in technique and practice. This experience is like a highlight reel of the journey and evolution of the path of Yoga and you can expect lots of substance, highly intelligent tips and cues, and a pace which gives you space to receive it all… all assisting you with the deeper intention of the practice itself.
Please note we shall explore inversions and deeper poses – so while all levels are encouraged it is not designed to be a session of teaching these to beginners, yet would greatly be of benefit to those with some experience.

The Intermediate Series
Sunday 12pm – 2pm / 2:30pm – 5pm

The Subtle Art of Adjustments

Explore the way energy moves through the body and how to read it.
Basically Yoga informs us that Prana flows in certain directions and when it is impeded we experience discomfort that can lead to pain or disease. That the yoga practice can greatly assist in the recalibrating of this flow of Prana.
We shall explore these flows and demonstrate it on ourselves and with others (hands on), and to then observe these flows within primary poses and how we can adjust ourselves in our own practice; students by observation and verbal cues, or; (in an introductory way) adjusting others.
While designed primarily for teachers, Geoff has found that yogis seeking greater insight, body workers and healers also benefit from this workshop.

Chakra Healing Practice

A beautiful conclusion to the weekend. A practice rich with take aways of Philosophy and self awareness.
Geoff conducts a regular Chakra Healing workshop in his current home town of Ubud in Bali whereby the wisdom of the Chakra’s is unlocked and a regulating process is taught.
In this session we practice it.
Beginning with a nurturing, restorative Asana practice we then move to a Chakra focused Pranayama and Meditation sequence. Ultimately the Chakras allow us to comprehend where we are imbalanced within certain parameters such as our physical body, our emotional body, our ability to act, our clarity and our communication or self-expression. By creating stimulus and focus on the Chakras we can therefore regulate these and in doing so return to harmony.
Bring your journal for a more personalised experience and the ability to ensure you can repeat the technique whenever you desire.

Lehrer: Geoff Brooks (EN)
Datum: May 17-19, 2019

6:30pm – 8:30pm*
Saturday: 2pm – 6pm*
Sunday: 12pm – 2pm / 2:30pm – 5pm*
*you can also book the classes individually.

Price: from 320, more info on Eversports
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